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Marketing That Matters Award: Results 


The team exceeded its goals on every measure and delivered the project under budget.  Through extremely favorable customer, employee and public testimony the program helped to:


- More than double Fireman's Fund NPS scores from Jan thru Oct 2013 to over 14 pts.

- Increase the Employee Engagement Index three points to a company-wide mark of 73

- Generate over 35 million brand impressions

- Attract over 2,000 customers to an eleven city celebration tour 

- Revive interest and pride in the company brand

- Increase operating profit over plan by 39%

- Improve customer retention rate to 74.8%


"Most notably, the marketplace began to take notice that

Fireman's Fund is on track and poised for future greatness

beyond its current 150 year history." - Paul Fuegner, VP Brand

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